Elf on the Shelf Printable Pack for Kids with Easy & Fast Ideas

Did you forget to move the elf again? 

Do you run out of Elf on the Shelf ideas by mid-December? Are you frustrated by all the complicated ideas on Pinterest?

Your kids look forward to their elf's arrival every year, eager to see what silly things it will do during the night.

But you, crazy-busy-mom-trying-to-do-and-be-everything, well - sometimes you regret ever inviting that elf into your home. 

Where the heck will you put it tonight? Should you buy a new bookcase just to have a few more shelves for it to sit on?

The Christmas Elf tradition can be fun for your kids without stressing you out - but ONLY if you have a plan.

Like you, I've woken up in the middle of a cold December night with the sense I forgot to do something... Check their homework? Pack lunches? Lock the door? 

I forgot to move the *&$% elf!

I love being creative, but after working all day and taking care of the kids and house at night, my tired brain can't think of anything interesting for "Jack" to do.

So I developed a plan for moms like us - and The Elf Helper was born!

Meet The Elf Helper!

A 28-page kit of ideas, editable templates, and printable activities to make "Elf on the Shelf" fast, fun, and easy to remember!

What's in The Elf Helper?

Loads of ideas for where to put your elf tonight

You'll get a list of 40 simple and quick places for your elf & silly things for it to do, plus 30+ photos showing our elf in action!

Elf planning calendar to keep track of its activities

Fill out the calendar template with ideas included in The Elf Helper and keep track of any supplies you want to make or buy.

Printable activities for kids

30 printable Christmas countdown or Advent calendar activities from your elf, including family fun and acts of kindness. 

Fun & useful printable extras!

You'll get cute gift-tags, Santa and Elf letterhead, warning note, Elf surveillance art print, and more! 

For just $19, you'll have everything you need for a stress-free month of elf fun.

That's only $0.63 per day for 30 days worth of elf ideas and printables!

easy elf on the shelf ideas: hiding in a soap box
easy elf on the shelf ideas: coloring
Easy elf on the shelf idea: riding a toy snowplow
Easy Elf on the Shelf ideas: reading a book

Be their Christmas hero this year.

You're great at fixing boo-boos with Band-aids and kisses. You make bad dreams disappear with a midnight snuggle. You totally rock at keeping them alive and loved every day.

Now, you can rock Christmas, too.

Take a moment to imagine...

  • Waking up on any given day in December to a child that’s thrilled to see what their elf’s been up to at night.
  • Knowing that it took you less than ten minutes the night before to set up this magical moment.
  • Sleeping (at least a little) more soundly because you remembered to move the elf before you headed off to bed.

The reason you're annoyed with the elf is that you feel obliged to move it or do something fun with it every night, but you run out of ideas and then totally forget about it until you're exhausted at the end of the day.

The way to solve this problem is to plan, and planning for a December of fun and simple elf shenanigans doesn't get any easier than with everything you get in The Elf Helper.

Everything you need to go from forgetful to fantastic “Chief Elf Officer” is right here, and easier than you thought possible.

Get instant access to

The Elf Helper now!

Everything you need for stress-free Christmas Elf magic is in here! You'll have 40 fun ideas for where to put the elf tonight, activities for your elf and kids to do, a calendar to keep track of everything, and more!

All the ingredients you need to make

Christmas Elf Magic

With The Elf Helper, you'll be armed with loads of easy elf ideas. I'm talking about little elf shenanigans that won't take more than 10 minutes to do, will be more interesting than sticking it on another bookshelf, and are guaranteed to make your kids smile!

  1. 1
    Get started with the planning calendar by filling it in with the ideas from the giant list of 40 silly and easy elf antics. Take a look at the photos of our very own elf in action. Oh, and the calendar's editable!
  2. 2
    Activity cards with fun things to make or do as a family are perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit! Put them in your Advent calendar, or have your elf deliver them.             
  3. 3
    Editable templates, including letterhead from Santa and your elf, plus adorable gift tags, allow you to customize the elf experience even if your handwriting is terrible like mine!
  4. 4
    Fun extras! There's a (gentle) warning note from Santa, "Elf Surveillance" art print, Christmas word search, and coloring pages. 

28 Pages That Will Make "Elf on the Shelf" Fun Again

printable Elf on the Shelf advent activities

A Stress-Free Christmas Tradition

Meet the mom behind The Elf Helper

Childhood is such a precious time to introduce magical Christmas traditions. But, as a working mom, I struggled to find time to make "Elf on the Shelf" more interesting and meaningful for my kids. When I realized that a little advanced planning and ingenuity could save me loads of time and stress, The Elf Helper was born. 

Laura Kiernan  //  Mom of 2 and Creator of TheNoPressureLife.com

Be Prepared for Elf Season Now!

If you've always felt frustrated by the "Elf on the Shelf" tradition even though your kids love it, The Elf Helper will remove the stress and give you everything you need to make this Christmas countdown extra special.

Elf on the Shelf printable pack includes Printable letter to Santa and warning letter from Santa

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Don't miss your chance to know EXACTLY where you'll put the elf tonight. 

You've got 99 problems this holiday season, but your family's elf should not be one! Grab The Elf Helper today and get everything you need to make elf magic easy this holiday season.

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