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    • Laura says

      Hi Marge!
      No, I haven’t tried that! I love the idea of it, but doubt I’d have the time or patience to make it. If you try it, I’d love to hear how it works for you!

  1. Lynn says

    Did you use a paint brush or roller for the top surface?
    Also, did you get a custom color made for the emerald green paint?
    Thank you.

    • Laura says

      Hi Lynn! No, I used a regular brush for the top surface. Chalk paint levels really well, so you don’t see the brush strokes that you would typically get with a latex paint. I had the chalk paint tinted to Valspar’s Four Leaf Clover. According to my local Lowe’s store, you can tint this chalk paint in any color!

      • Lynn says

        Both answers were what Id hoped you’d say! lol!
        Thank you! I think I’ll head over to Lowe’s today!

  2. Sara Elizabeth Moseley says

    Great article – so informative. I’ve got an old rocking chair I plan on painting and recovering and didn’t know much about chalk paint, but I will definitely be using it – and all your good advice! 🙂

    • Lynn says

      Laura, Im so glad I found your post today! I went to Lowe’s and found the chalk paint you wrote about. I spent 10+ minutes looking at all the chips of blue paint Lowe’s had and picked a beautiful sky blue. The paint attendant sees what Im doing, leads me over to the chalk paint display and points to the only blue and says he can mix that up for me.

      Argh! I patiently explain to him that that color is too green, and I really want to have the blue paint I picked out, made up into the chalk paint, and told him about you and your post.

      I ended up getting the blue paint I wanted; it took a long time!

      But its thanks to you, I wouldnt have known I could have the paint mixed to the color I wanted! And Ive already done the first coat of the paint on my project, it looks so nice!

      Your ‘neighbor’ in Massachusetts

      • Laura says

        Yay!! That’s makes me SO happy! I was quite confused by the chalk paint display at first as well. The little pamphlet near the display only showed a limited number of colors, and of course I didn’t want any of them – hah! It was actually the woman at the paint counter who tipped me off to the fact that the chalk paint could be tinted with any color (at least any Valspar color). Hats off to the Dedham, MA Lowe’s team. 🙂

  3. Margaret says

    If I use the sealer will I be able to paint over it at a later date or will I need to sand all the sealer off first.
    Can I skip using sealer or will it not wear well and look unfinished.

    • Laura says

      Hi Margaret,
      Since this was my first chalk paint project, I haven’t had reason to paint over it (yet!). So I researched it for you and found this article which suggests using something other than wax to seal chalk paint. It’s worth reading. http://canarystreetcrafts.com/why-i-stopped-using-wax-to-seal-furniture/

      Chalk paint produces a very matte finish, so sealing it adds a subtle sheen. I don’t think the piece looked “unfinished” before I added the sealer – just more matte than I wanted. I think that whether or not you choose to seal it probably depends on how the piece will be used. Something that you will sit on, eat on, work on or otherwise get daily wear and tear should probably be sealed.

    • Laura says

      Hi Jordan,
      Honestly? I’ll probably never re-wax this piece because it’s in a low-traffic area (my son’s bedroom). Right now my son’s using the desk as a dumping ground for school projects and completed Lego creations. But once he starts to use it for homework, etc. I will likely top the desk with a piece of plexiglass or a desk pad to protect the surface.

  4. Chlesa says

    Great job on the desk. I love the color. I too had to persuade the paint clerk at Lowes to tint the chalk paint to a color I wanted, (I knew it could be done because I used to work at Home Depot). Once he did agree to it, it took 5 minutes. I did not prefer their sealing wax, but once I practiced and played around with it, I did not regret buying it.
    I have used Annie Sloan (my favorite) chalk paint and finishing wax (expensive but well worth it), Lowes chalk paint and sealing wax and other various chalk paints and finishing waxes. Both the paints and sealants are very forgiving. I like sealing it with the wax finish that comes with the particular chalk paint. For high durability you can even use Minwax paste finishing wax. I apply the finishing wax with a brush meant for the wax coat but I don’t use a lint free cloth to buff; instead I use steel wool. Use the softest steel wool available which is labeled 0000 or 00000. Ask the hardware associate and they can explain. I have even applied the finishing wax with the steel wool. It buffs up really nice. Gives it a very professional look. I practiced on an old shelf just to adjust for mistakes. It came out great. I also apply the chalk paint with a brush meant for chalk paint. Annie Sloan has the best one, expensive though.

  5. liz says

    with a wax sealer, what would happen with a hot cup of coffee was set on the desk? Since I normally have a cup of coffee on my desk, just wondering how it would hold up. does it take a while for the wax to cure?

  6. Donna says

    From the research I’ve done BEFORE trying chalk paint and the wax sealer a lot of people use, I’ve decided to not use the wax…ever. Reasons? lack of durability and necessity of repeatedly re-waxing over time. Plus, the difficulty (or even impossibility) of repainting over the waxed surface without completely stripping the old wax off. The matte or satin finish water-based poly products are much more durable and easy to apply. Just my opinion, of course. I love your little porch transformation, by the way! So glad to have discovered your website via your latest Pinterest posting. Great job!

    • Laura says

      Hi Donna! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I wasn’t thrilled with the wax process, but you’re right – I bet the matte/satin poly would provide a similar and more durable look, especially for furniture in high-traffic areas. My son got this awful dust on his desk from one of those “digging for gems” kits. I thought the desk’s paint job was ruined at first because the dust stuck to the wax. Luckily, a sponge in warm water with dish soap got it off. I’m sure a poly coating would be easier to clean.

      Have a great weekend!

    • Laura says

      Hi Kristen,
      No – chalk paint is good on its own without a primer, but I wouldn’t recommend using it as a primer under any other kind of paint. Thanks for the question!

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