1. I’ve just hung a similar magazine rack system for our family binder/ kids’ paper work. So far so good, but we’re only 3 weeks into the new school year, and only my oldest is in school anyway! But it’s amazing how much paper comes home from pre-k already!

    Here’s to a more organized year!

  2. I usually have trouble when dealing with paper clutter. Because of the great amount of my homework, I bet my room is sinking into a really big mess and I don’t know what I should keep and what should throw away. How stressful! In this case, your advices are quite helpful. Thanks a lot!

  3. I feel you!!
    My children often messy the house with their paintings. I used to hang these on our refrigerator, but I didn’t like the cluttered feel it gave the kitchen. Fortunately, my wife found a DIGNITET in those IKEA stores, you can know it as a curtain wire, but it made the perfect little art when hanging in their room.

  4. This project is quite good for parents. My kids usually put their paintings, papers,etc everywhere in my house. So i need to make some colorful paper clutters for them. Thanks for your great post.


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